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The company carefully selects the groups to represent, and each one of them offers the best artistic talent in their field and additionally possess some new value for instance by combining new theatre technologies, physical theatre, re-discovering the old territories or new applications. The company prepares open groups for international markets, and sells and markets productions in their repertoire.

THE OUTSIDER by Janne Raudaskoski
Add theatre, film and technology to magic, fantasy and clownery.
Get the Outsider.



The Outsider employs comedy, tragedy and absurd situations to make spectators reflect on the modern human being’s way of living and alienation from life. “The character of the Outsider and the performance were born out of a play of ideas: how would a naive, childlike character experience the phenomena of the modern world when encountering them for the first time. How would he regard people and their ways and habits, their love and capacity for evil”, Raudaskoski tells.


The Outsider is a fantasy for grown-ups where theatre and film come together by means of magic, technology and clownery. The performance evokes the visual style of the silent films by Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton, simultaneously taking them into a contemporary format – in full colour and stunning 4D!

Picture by Marco Riva

AUGMENTED PINOCCHIO by Michele Cremaschi
A performance of a new genre we call "Augmented Comedy"

Ironic body language – visual comedy – a tale told also by other, more ethereal bodies, digital representations that are just as present in space as the bodies in the real world, which without requiring physical support for their projection “augment” the perception of the scene. The story’s characters can be portrayed in one scene by the actor, by the actor’s hologram in another, through an unprecedented operation for the theater: the virtual body is able to act and react with the actor in flesh and blood and enables a real, not simulated interactivity, granting a freshness to the stage and set that ushers the spectator into a magic illusory dimension. Modern videogame technology permits bodily movements to be plotted in real time; specific software adjusts and positions the virtual sets and characters, placing a powerful tool at the service of story-telling, and not just

technological performance for its own sake.

BLAM! by Kristján Ingimarsson Company
Die Hard meets the office

BLAM! is a spectacular comic-book caper referencing iconic blockbuster movies. A wonderful mash-up of physical comedy, precision acrobatics and daring action performed with split-second timing. In this international sensation from Denmark, four wage slaves put office life through the shredder and transform it into a world of superheroes, aliens and classic blockbuster movie villains. An awesome wordless performance taking physical theatre to new heights of innovation.


BLAM! is the acclaimed breakout hit show from the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since that the show has toured in London, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Istanbul. 2015 promises to be another busy year with seasons in Auckland, Korea, Spain, France, India and China, as well as a return to Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Picture by Heikki Toivanen

WALLY WATTHEAD by Janne Raudaskoski
And His Lost Glow - A Magic Theatre show for entire family!

This adventurous and theatrical circus performance is for both, young and old alike. On stage there is an enlarged version of Polly’s bedside table. On it, we see a cell phone, a bedside lamp and a picture of Polly. All is going well, until, one day, the light bulb on Wally Watthead’s head goes out. Wally’s friend, Simon Simcard, the multimedia cell phone, tries to help Wally search for his light. Their search is the cue for the magic to commence. Wally Watthead gets up to all sorts of things, like when he relaxes a bit too much - and ends up levitating in the air or shrinking himself down to Lilliput size. Then things get totally out of hand when the object of Wally’s affections, Polly Picture, starts to come to life.

GLOBALLY WANTED by Company New World
Like an animal you have never seen


A twisted, mystical tribe has gathered in a black fortress. As music, specially composed for the performance, takes over and the family reunion goes awry, the end result is shattered minds and damaged bodies. But who are these people? What do they need? It is universal. It is globally wanted. 


The iron cube on the stage is a small mansion, a family home for the strange characters, and it fills with vulnerability and violence. Globally Wanted is a performance of absurd happenings told through circus, acrobatics, parkour, physical theatre and an ingenious design. It pulls the audience so deep into the performance that it is rarely experienced.  


Style – unique  Acrobatics – unusual  Music – phenomenal

AVE FENIX by Maria Baric Company
A fire show based on a well-know myth of the firebird Phoenix


The performance is based on the myth of the Phoenix, a mystical bird that arises from the ashes into a new life. According to the legend, a beautiful firebird Phoenix comes to the rescue for the ones who need its help the most. The story is presented through enchanting music, and magical world of fire puppetry and fire circus.


In this interactive performance, the sorrows and burdens of the audience are burnt into ashes in the strong iron heart of the Phoenix as a symbol of hope and new beginning. The aim of the participatory performance is to create distance to the difficult experiences and memories through symbols that are devised through art, so that they could be faced in order to open the gates to empowerment and new opportunities. The performance has received several awards

around the world.


CALLINGS by The Carpetbag Brigade
True Pioneers at the art of acrobatic stiltwalking


The Carpetbag Brigade masters a unique theatrical language in the delicate overlap of circus, dance and theater. Rising with beauty, falling with grace and conjuring ephemeral magic with the movement and action of their powerful bodies, a carpetbag brigade performance emanates and pulses like the sea at twilight. Balancing intensely raw and precarious physical expression with refined and sublime dramatic imagery, this quintet's dancer/yogi/performance wizardry evoke a living dream state whether they perform in proscenium theaters, soccer fields, parking lots, city parks, side streets, rock concerts or black boxes. Inspired by the challenge of climate change, "Callings" their current touring repertory performance honors the sirens of the sea with questions... If the ocean were ill, would she weep? If the clouds were riddles, would they speak? If a sailor survived a siren's song, would words would adorn the salt-stained lips?


Magician, Mentalist

Jenni Sofia is a mentalist and mental coach. Mielen Taikaa! is Jenni Sofia’s mystic, atmospheric and compelling show makes the audience to wonder mysteries of mind. The communication between the performer and the audience makes each show an unique experience. Jenni Sofia is a versatile talent, and her shows involve magic, divination and mind reading in a entertaining form. These make your event memorable. The best entertainment possible! Jenni Sofia has arranges workplace health promotion.

Picture by Teppo Moilanen, Katarina Sällylä, Juha Valkeajoki

French chanson singer and actor


Pierre creates his own musical programs that include works from important Chanson composers. "Chansons are stories and as an actor I love to tell a story. Then with all the songs from singers like for example Piaf, Brel or Aznavour, I could tell a different story and play other roles, all 3 or 4 minutes." He performs in German, English and French language and presents these in Cabaret Clubs in Berlin, New York or Paris. 


Salut Charles ! 100 % Aznavour – Pierre de la Roche interprets the songs from the most internationally famous French singer, author, composer and actor: Charles Aznavour. 

Picture by Stephen Sorokoff

One-man show about Shakespeare, accompanied by a female string quartet



Everyone knows Hamlet. Everyone knows Romeo and Juliet. But who was the man who created them? Shakespeare's personal life is still a great mystery. Perhaps somewhere, buried deep within his 154 beloved sonnets there are answers... Enter the world of William 1592; his struggle for success. The plague. The dark triangle of lust and passion between him, the historically mysterious Dark Lady and the young Earl of Southhampton. 


WILLIAM is a Swedish one man show, an avant garde rock opera, based on the life of a young William Shakespeare. It's theatre, poetry and opera mixed in a ravishingly seductive toure de force!  Jonas Nerbe is the lead and his glorious singing will be accompanied by an all female string quartet. The English version of the production premiered at the New York Fringe Festival 2013 where it was awarded the ”Best Performance” among

187 plays, and Jonas Nerbe won best performer of the whole festival. 

WILLIAM has already been a touring success in Sweden since 2006.

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