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“The Outsider examines our lifestyle and reaches to the core of our fundamentally violent nature. The script is concise and executed in a fluid, flowing style. The stage set consists of two video displays and a door – nothing more. The character played by Raudaskoski dives in and out of the electronic images in a way that almost makes one forget they are video recordings. What emerges as the most miraculous element of The Outsider, however, is Janne Raudaskoski’s ability to adapt to the numerous different roles. But I will say no more – everyone is strongly advised to go and see the performance for themselves!" – Helsingin Sanomat


“I cannot remember when was the last time I laughed out loud in a theatre, gasped with amazement and shouted ‘Bravo!’ in the end.” – Audience feedback



“No one had ever seen Pinocchio like this before. A performance that hearkens to what theater and the visual arts are going to be like soon in the future.” – RAI - Radio Television Italiana


“Ambitious and innovative stage work and an excellent performance by Cremaschi” –


“Suggestive, almost magic” – La Repubblica


“A system that opens the limited horizons of the theatrical stage” – fanpage



”Globally Wanted is a blackish burlesque belch straight at your face. --- I have no idea what to compare this to. Not to anything. Scary, and at the same time pleasurably filling the senses.”– Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest subscription newspaper


"Music is the metaphysical trapeze of the performance; sometimes like manic tango, sometimes improvised Finnish-Fellinesque folksong, sometimes melancholic popular music. In any case, best, cutting theatre music for a long time in these latitudes." – Keskisuomalainen, the leading daily newspaper in Central Finland


"This dark performance that visually draws up on heavy and gothic aesthetics, was dumbfounding. When even an experienced professional audience member feels clued to her chair for every single second, it is something unparalleled." – Demokraatti, newspaper of the Social Democrat Party in Finland


”Gobsmackingly brilliant, this is the best office party I have ever attended." – Daily Express


"An adrenaline rush that blasts the nine-to-five blues into outer space. Go and see it – you'll have a BLAM!" – Metro


"Spectacular ... a dazzling succession of exhilarating action sequences" – The Telegraph


"Glorious – movie-based mayhem" – The List




”The design was fascinating, lovely fluidity, and dramatic in scale... scores highly in originality.”

– Jury of the Arlyn Awards, Canada


“The concept of the Firebird was designed and executed to the smallest details with great ambition, craft and devotion.”  – The selection jury of the Thalia Award


“Music is the sustaining element in the Firebird performance. Magnificent theme, which is exciting and inspires for improvisation in an outdoor space. The young performers have a great potential to do remarkable things. Shadow theatre, puppetry, story telling. Those are the elements that bring about improvisation which leads into creativity. I put my trust in them.“ – Jorma Panula, Finnish composer & conductor, selector of the winner for the Thalia Award 



“Wally Watthead does not court the audience or rely on old tricks. It trusts in the audience’s capacity to judge and give themselves up to the magic. Luckily there is no upper age limit to children’s theatre!”
– Keskisuomalainen, The leading newspaper in Central Finland


“Watching the performance of a skilful magician is always entertaining. When the magic is made a part of a story, the experience is even more wonderful. And if the magician also incorporates the role of a circus clown, we are nearing the birth of a new form of art.” – Kaleva


“Carpetbag Brigade took the stiltwalking to an awesome higher level.” – New York Times


“Callings, a piece on superstition and then search for meaning, is lyrical, acrobatic, and extreme, using ropes and oars to evoke the ocean as the dancers tower in the airy reaches of artificial height.” – SF Weekly


“The true magic of this performance was not in the acrobatics or feats of strength and movement. It was in the beautiful building of tension and anticipation that the performers were actively whipping up in their audience. “Mesmerizing” is the word that comes to mind, but that would be a crime of understatement.”

– John Tannous, Flagstaff Live


"Learning these emotional skills can now be a great benefit in the workplace - Mental coach Jenni Sofia warns of a mistake that, at worst, leads to physical ailments."

- Aamulehti 28.02.2022


"Astonishing wizardry right in front of your eyes. A memorable show that entertains the the whole family."

– Audience feedback


"Engaging show and a gorgeous woman with captivating eyes." – Audience feedback


"Special thanks go to a multi-skilled dancer Jenni Sofia. Without her breathtaking contribution the spectacle would have been wishy-washy." – Aamulehti (Moulin Rouge-musical review)


"Jenni Sofia is a master in circus arts, and there remained no doubt: the small stage is enough for twirling hula hoops and doing cartwheels and splits, when you have the skills." – Ylöjärven Uutiset  (Moulin Rouge-musical review)


"De La Roche has a stronger and more beautiful voice than Aznavour but he was energetic in his performance of the Aznavour numbers, sometimes dancing from one side of the stage to another."

– Joe Regan Jr.


"...Charles Aznavour, at the start of his career must have looked and sounded like Pierre de la Roche...."
– Times Square Chronicles, Stephen Sorokoff




”Passion and Playfullness” ”William” displays a great deal of passion. Of course Shakespeare’s passions: for the theatre and writing, for love, for the highs and lows of life. But it also displays this ensemble’s passion for musical theatre and for this genre’s possibilities and development.” – Musical Stages


”Avant-garde in nature. If this production isn't the definition of rock opera, I dare you to show me what is” 



"Shakespeare credible as drama queen. The play is one big imagination" – Svenska Dagbladet


"Shakespeare's love life - Sonnets to life in one-man show with sing-a-long. True playful love into the theater's possibilities.” – Dagens Nyheter


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