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Wally Watthead

Tour in China

Beijing Haidian Gongroen Wenhua theatre -Tianjin- Shanghai- Hangzhou



Oslo Operafestival 2016

Oslo, Norway



Göteborg Stadsteater, Stora scenen

Göteborg, Sweden



Aleksanterin teatteri

Helsinki, Finland


The magic of the mind -

mentalist show

Tampereen teatterin

Kulttuuriravintola Kivi

Tampere, Finland

Always something special 



Sophie’s Entertainment (parent company Sophie-International Ltd. founded in 1994) is an international agency and management company for the performing arts. The founder and the owner Maire Pylkkänen has a long and successful international career among industrial innovations and "the current job is a dream come true as when culture and the arts meet it promotes the mutual understanding of people and that way world peace. Culture has always played an essential role in forming the identities of nations and individuals, and that way it also increases happiness and mental well-being."



Sophie’s Entertainment wants to provide the best international performing arts, theatre, circus, magic, mentalism and music in the field. In the selection process of our artists, we pay attention to the uniqueness of the artists and that they are special in their own field either technically, artistically or they have created a new know-how with their unique concept. We also encourage new groups to foreign markets. Our aim is to provide fluent co-operation between the performing group and the receiving theatre; we invest in it.


Sophie's Entertainment offers innovative productions that

1. combine new elements in the arts such as magic, theatre, mentalism, physical theatre and dance

2. combine and create new theatre technologies

3. create new productions from traditional productions


The company is specialised in selling and marketing of theatre, magic, circus and music primarily in Scandinavia and Europe however due to their international networks, the company operates globally. During the past four years, Sophie's Entertainment has been able to create a significant global network from China to Mexico. Therefore the company has a good international understanding of the market. Yearly it participates in the world's biggest arts fairs and is a member of ISPA as well.



Sophie's Entertainment takes yearly 2-3 free performing arts groups, mainly non-verbal productions for international sparring. The selection is done by an international panel. The productions of the groups are commercialised and international selling and marketing strategies are provided. We strive to increase the awareness of the productions as well as to consolidate the economy of the groups with long-term bookings and tours. Exporting is persistent activity and achieving results requires mutual commitment to the project.

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